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the Maker

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Meet Brooke

Brooke is an avid maker, surfer, and lover of all things living. Born on the Front Range of Colorado, Brooke has made her way to the Atlantic Ocean, and now spends her days with her hands in the mud and her feet in the sand. 


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Nestled on the shores of the Kennebec River, the studio of AP Curiosities is located in Bowdoinham, Maine. While it is a humble studio, it is rich in creativity on any given day and drenched in sunlight when the skies allow. On the top floor of a 1920s farmhouse, the studio, dubbed 'Polly's Room,' originally belonged to a beloved parrot. Legend has it that the Polly was set free after the death of her owner. Often, when one sits near the windows, birds serenade songs of freedom. 



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The process always begins with inspiration. The coast of Maine and the mountains of Colorado are my muse. 

Ceramics are thrown, hand-built, pinched, coiled, or slipcast. Depending on the resources they are fired in electric, gas, salt, or wood kilns. Functional pieces are always lead-free and food safe. 

Jewelry is made from found objects in nature, of porcelain, stoneware, or metal. Copper pieces are plated to preserve their beauty, integrity, and detail, as well as creating secure connections.