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Creating wares lighthearted in Nature and inspired by a Cabinet of Curiosities, AP Curiosities taps into a whimsical aesthetic with nature and science as the base. Utilizing everyday objects and materials, each piece is created with care and patience. 



Nature provides the palette and patterns. As snow melts high in the Rocky Mountains, a natural faceted pattern emerges. Pastel colors dance between the clouds and ocean, reflecting soft pinks, purples, and blues. These colors and patterns eventually emerge on cups, bowls, and earrings. 



With so many people on such a small planet, our mission is to make as small a footprint as possible. Thought and care is taken when considering materials, energy sources, and scale of production. Materials are sourced locally when possible. Care is taken when collecting natural objects. What we do to our world today will impact our world tenfold tomorrow. 


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