Wood-Fired Porcupine Pot - Brown

Wood-Fired Porcupine Pot - Brown


This porcupine pot has been fired for 48 hours in a wood kiln. The exterior of the pots were un-glazed when they were loaded into the kiln. All glaze seen on the porcupine’s exterior is a natural glaze created by the atmosphere of melted ash in the kiln. These are truly one of a kind. Wire quills adds to the quirky character of this porcupine.

This pot makes a great succulent or air planter, to fill with trinkets, or just to admire. Featured in this photo is a Juncea Air Plant, which creates”living quills”. Please note air plant is not included in this listing.

Porcupine measures approximately 5" from tail to nose, 7" tall, and is 3.5" wide

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