Ceramic Flamingo

Ceramic Flamingo


Why do lawns get to have all of the fun? Bring the traditional lawn flamingo indoors or to smaller living spaces, sure to bring whimsy and cheer to any room. Made from porcelain, it is small in scale (measurements below), perfect for window boxes and indoor or outdoor planters. 

This is the absolute perfect gift for people who don't have a lawn, live in a small space or apartment, or just have a flamingo addiction. One of a kind gift, so it is also perfect for those hard to shop for people in our lives. 

Choose between a (matte) light pink or (shiny) coral. A black rubber stopper with two brass legs sit snugly in the base of the flamingo. Flamingo body measures approximately 7.25" long, 5" tall, and 1" wide. Flamingo stands approximately 16.5" when placed on wooden base. 

Display the flamingo on the included wooden base (6" x 3.75" x 1"), or remove and place it in a potted plant, your garden, or window box. Or, if it's the right season, remove the black stopper and legs and place atop your Christmas Tree!

Flamingos are porcelain and fired to cone 6. Because these are handmade (each piece is hand painted), there are variations in glaze. There are six small blemishes on one side of the flamingo due to the firing and glazing process (the flamingos are placed on their side when fired in the kiln and stilts are used to prevent the piece from sticking to the shelf).

Included in listing: 
1 ceramic pink flamingo with rubber stopper base & set of brass legs (please specify if you would like silver instead).
1 wooden base

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